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Thank you for visiting our store. On this page you can purchase the 30 minute film produced by Rachele Morelli and Northshore Productions.

The film is about the life and death of  Jonathan Morelli and the journery addiction took him on. It also gives full awareness to the dangers of heroin! Jonathan died 2/6/13 from a heroin overdose. He was only 18 years old.

Jonathan's addiction started in 9th grade when he had a wrist surgery and was prescribed Vicoden. This film was created in hopes to spread awareness on the dangers of heroin! We are in the middle of an epidemic, lives are being lost everyday to this monster.

Please educate yourself and your children!!!! This drug does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone and it will destroy everything in it's path. One more life lost to this disease is one to many! God bless! 


Below are some recent videos of press coverage of my awareness drive:


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